In addition to vegan cheese replacements, shredded cheeses, and cheese slices, we also have a variety of whole cheeses, some of which are new to the store. Let’s get acquainted!

Some of our specialty cheeses:

Capriole Goat Cheese

Made nearby in Greenville, Indiana. While the taste is totally unique, its other special attribute is texture. Nothing else can deliver the impression of richness without the fat and calories, and it’s this that distinguishes a goat milk fromage blanc from cow milk versions. Only goat milk produces a cheese that’s light as a cloud and silken on the tongue. 2003 American Cheese Society award winner.

O’Banon Goat Cheese

O’Banon is a domestic play on a classic French chevre. These hand-ladled rounds of goat’s milk are wrapped in chestnut leaves that have been soaked in bourbon, which not only are beautiful, but also give the cheese a mellow herbaceous flavor with notes of vanilla. The paste is firm with a smooth texture, and becomes a bit drier and more intense in flavor as the cheese ages.

Sartori MontAmore

Like a new romance, this sweet, creamy and fruity cheese begins with a deliciously inviting appearance and finishes with a playful, tangy bite. It is named with deep affection for the gorgeous Dolomite mountains that tower with breathtaking beauty above the Sartori hometown of Valdastico, Italy. Prepare to fall in love.

Wisconsin Farms Farmer’s Cheese

Farmer’s cheese originated on farms throughout the world as a way to use milk left over after skimming the cream for butter. Two main styles evolved – a fresh cheese similar to cottage cheese and a semi-soft version cured for a shorter time. Wisconsin cheesemakers produce the latter variety, which is firm enough for cubing or shredding. No standards of identity exist for farmer’s cheese, which means cheeses can vary greatly from one cheesemaker to another. Styles can vary from soft-fresh to semi-soft. Wisconsin’s style is similar to Havarti’s texture but typically lower in fat with a buttery, slightly acidic flavor and a smooth supple composition.

Il de France Brie Bites

Brie Bites feature all the famous flavor and smooth creaminess of Ile de France brie packaged into individual containers that are perfect for quick snacking and on-the-go gourmet living. Each individual brie bite contains a bit less than an ounce of brie cheese goodness, offering simple portion control that is light on calories and huge on flavor.

From Boursin:

Garlic & Herb Gournay Cheese

From Andrew & Everett:

Port Wine and Sharp Cheddar Cheese Balls

From Sunny Meadow, in Argos, IN

Small Farm Cheddar

From BelGioioso, based in Wisconsin:


A fresh, soft Mozzarella


From Guggisberg:

Swiss Cheese

From Black Diamond:

Single-serving Sharp White Cheddar

From Cabot:

New York Extra Sharp Cheddar

From Clawson:

Blue Stilton

Finally, our Boar’s Head varieties: 


Jalapeno Pepper Jack

Cream Havarti

Cream Havarti with Dill

Whole Milk Mozzarella


Smoked Gouda

Parmigiano Reggiano

White Canadian Cheddar

Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar

Colby Jack

Chevre (French Goat Cheese)