Deli & Catering

Our deli staff are some of the best cooks and bakers in Goshen. They keep our deli case stocked with fresh made, delicious grab and go meal and snack options. They bake fresh bread, muffins, out-of-this-world scones, cookies, lots of other baked goods, and desserts. They also make tasty salads and sandwiches, and from 11-2 every Wednesday their lunch counter is open to take your hot, gourmet sandwich orders. Try one with any of our two fresh daily soups! Everything they make uses the best ingredients available and the deli staff frequently takes advantage of our own fantastic produce department as well. We also always have gluten free, and vegan or vegetarian options.


Healthy, affordable staples share the shelves with local and regional specialty items, ready to eat meal solutions, tasty snacks, and baking supplies. Whether you’re throwing together a quick weekday dinner, or planning a feast, you can find great high-quality ingredients at MCM. Yes, we have fresh, local bread too!

Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

Find organic, natural, and regional dairy products, fermented and probiotic foods, kombucha and other healthy elixirs, even ready to bake cookie dough! Local raw milk, butter, cream, and cottage cheese and other hard to find natural items are available. In addition, quick heat-and-eat meal options, pizzas, organic and local frozen fruits and veggies, as well as natural baked goods, frozen fresh for you, all live in our freezer until they live in your cart, kitchen, and finally, your belly. If your diet is Vegan or vegetarian, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the selections you’ll find in our freezer and refrigerator sections! We also have kombucha on tap!


Frozen Meats

Locally produced meats from Amish and family farms include chicken, pork, beef, bison and ground lamb. Also, try completely wild-caught Alaskan salmon fillets or trout from the Great Lakes. You’ll also find fish sticks, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and burger patties.


The produce department is committed to bringing you fresh, quality organic and naturally grown produce. From late spring through fall we focus on locally grown produce. Produce that is not available locally is sourced through distributors. Luckily we have an organic produce distributor located 30 miles from the market in Mishawaka, Indiana. B&B Organics sources as much produce as they can from local, fair trade, and small family farms. They visit their farms from Indiana to Mexico, ensuring their sources are legitimate. So we know the items we carry align with our goals of creating healthy people, a healthy planet, and healthy commerce.

What do we mean when we talk about local products? We define local products as coming from within a 120-mile radius of our store. We carry two types of local produce: naturally grown local produce and organically grown local produce. Both types of produce are grown using organic methods, but naturally grown producers don’t go through the USDA’s Organic Certification process. The most common reasons why a farmer chooses to not be certified are the large amounts of paperwork and the cost of certification. We visit the farms that don’t have organic certification to ensure they are using organic methods. If produce is not available locally, we buy certified organic produce from local or national distributors.

Local Certified Organic Farms

  • Ridge Lane Farm – New Paris, Indiana
  • Pleasant Ridge Farm – Shipshewana, Indiana

Local Naturally Grown Farms

  • Sustainable Greens – Three Rivers, Michigan


Grains, flours, granolas, nuts, seeds, treats and snacks! Buy a pinch or a pound. Bring your own containers to save money and lessen your environmental impact! Buying in bulk has a huge impact on resource use and trash generation and is one of the most Earth-friendly ways to shop. We have natural nut butters, and our own in-store nut butter grinder! You can come in and grind your own almond butter, fresh! Whether you’re a home granola chef or baker, or just looking for a crunchy snack, our bulk department is your destination.


Bulk  Coffee, Herbs, Spices, and Supplements

Something you won’t find in every grocery store! Buy whatever quantity you need of common and specialty herbs, spices, coffees, and loose-leaf teas, as well as some items taken as supplements. Bee pollen? Chicory granules? We’ve got it, or we can order it!



We carry a variety of probiotics, vitamins, supplements, herbs, oils and more! Our Wellness Buyer, Victoria, is a Certified Natural Health Professional, who would love to help you find natural solutions to support your body and health.

Health and Beauty Aids

Don’t forget! What goes on your skin, goes IN your skin. Natural shampoos, conditioners, lotions, skin care, supplies for babies and new moms, even hair color, all available here! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask! Keep an eye out for an all-natural makeup line, coming soon!

General Merchandise

We try to keep some fun things on hand for gifts, and, well- fun! Over the course of a year at MCM, you’ll find everything from Fair Trade winter scarves, hats, and gloves, incense, candles, fascinating books, reusable containers, salt lamps, lunchboxes, reusable grocery bags, and greeting cards made completely from recycled paper. We also carry a number of items from all categories that are locally sourced.


Find sustainably-produced paper and plastic products as well as Earth-friendly detergents and cleaners in our household section. Take care of your home the non-toxic, natural way without sacrificing cleanliness or effectiveness!

Soda and Sweets

We may have a lot of healthy options, but we also have our share of tasty treats! Find tons of Fair Trade Certified chocolate bars, delectable truffles, licorice, ginger candies, as well as soda made with Stevia or Organic Cane Sugar! Your sweet tooth can be fully satisfied here, and we take some of the work out of making sustainable choices too, sourcing products that are made ethically and with high environmental standards. You can also find seasonal items, such as holiday candies here.

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