Everyone can shop. Anyone can own.

Becoming an owner of Maple City Market is an investment in a consumer-owned cooperative business that brings health to our local community. Join more than 2,000 of your friends and neighbors in supporting a local business that provides a reliable source of healthy, local and organic products while also investing in the sustainability and well-being of our community. At Maple City Market, everyone is welcome and anyone can become an owner.

  • Invest in a local business that puts people before profit and supports the health and well-being of our community.

  • Help create a vibrant local economy that supports local producers, suppliers and other organizations.

  • Enjoy fresh, sustainable, and locally produced foods and products

  • Participate in a cooperative business where you have a voice

Owner Benefits

  • Exclusive owner discounts on shopping trips during Member-Owner Appreciation Days.

  • Receive patronage rebates proportional to the amount you spent at the co-op during profitable fiscal years.

  • Subscription to our e-news.

  • Opportunity to participate in surveys to help shape the co-op’s future.

  • Vote in our annual Board of Director elections.

  • Eligibility to run for an open seat on the Board of Directors.

  • Access to the co-op’s financial standing and future plans.

  • Invitation to the Annual Co-op Meeting to enjoy food and drink with the board and learn about the health and future of our co-op.

How to Become an Owner

Complete an member-ownership application in store with a cashier during your next shopping trip. There are two share purchase options:

  • Make a one-time purchase of an member-ownership share for $100.

  • Pay for your share in five annual $20 installments.

New member-owners will receive an owner packet immediately, with an owner card, exclusive new owner coupons, and a reusable shopping bag. Your $100 share is fully redeemable at any time.

Our Co-op’s Board of Directors

Board of Directors members are elected at the annual owner meeting, held between April and June of each year. Terms are staggered, so the number of seats up for election will vary from year to year. Board member terms begin on July 1 of the year the member is elected and run for three consecutive years. In the event that a board member resigns in the middle of their term, the board may appoint a new member.


Brian Wiebe, Board Chair 2010-2012; 2012-2015; 2015-2018; 2019

Brian has worked as an educator for 25 years in early childhood, middle school, high school and higher education as teacher and administrator, serving for 10 years as Executive Director of the Goshen College Music Center. He played a significant role in Elkhart County’s strategic planning process beginning in 2010 that led to the creation of the Horizon Education Alliance (HEA) in 2012, and he became HEA’s first executive director in October 2012. He has a master’s degree in music from Northwestern University and a master’s in Intercultural Leadership from Goshen College.


Amanda Qualls, Board Vice Chair 2015-2018; 2018-2021

Amanda Qualls is the Director of Human Resources for Ballotpedia, the encyclopedia of American politics, which offers nonpartisan information on congress, courts, policy issues and more. Amanda earned her Master of Library Science degree from Indiana University-Bloomington, and she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History with a minor in Russian and Eastern European studies from the University of Notre Dame. She was first elected to the board in 2015, and she is thankful for the opportunity to serve the Maple City Market and its owners.


Marlys Weaver-Stoesz, Board Secretary 2018-2021

Born into a farming family in northern Indiana, Marlys Weaver-Stoesz grew up as involved in growing and harvesting food as in eating it. Her passion for food and farming began on that small, heritage-breed dairy farm, but has taken her to harvesting coffee beans in Peru, learning the basics of Spanish cuisine in Madrid, and writing about urban farms in Phoenix, Arizona. Her writing work has focused on education and agriculture. Learn more at marlysws.com.   


Phyllis Miller, 2011-2014; 2014-2017; 2017-2020

Phyllis has lived in the Goshen area most of her life. Born and raised on a farm in Middlebury, she gained an appreciation for the earth and the need to grant nature the respect it deserves. Phyllis believes a strong, loving community strongly impacts the safety and security every person deserves. Phyllis participates on the Elkhart County Food Council in a leadership role and is Chair of the board at the local Ten Thousand Villages. Elected to the MCM Board in 2011, and having served as Board Chair 2015-2018, she is truly honored to serve Maple City Market Owner-Members and the community in this role. 


Eric Amt, 2016-2019

Eric’s roots run deep at the MCM. His mother was an original owner-member, and his wife is a former member of the board. As a business owner, Eric has had extensive board experience. Among those, he was the original chair of the board and founding executive director of the Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart, Ind. Eric hopes to help the market continue to grow its healthy food and educational offerings. He sees the market as a key factor in a healthy community foodshed.


Bruce Cashbaugh, 2018-2021

Bruce Cashbaugh is currently living in Elkhart as he and his wife finish building a new home in Goshen. He has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing including as president of a large marketing firm. Bruce has served on the Board of Directors of WVPE Radio, is a graduate of the South Bend/Mishawaka Leadership Program, and has been closely involved with two start-ups: Adirondack Marketing Services and RedPost. 

Darin Short 2018-2020

Darin is a Goshen based business consultant and founder of In[ter]Sights, an intercultural consulting, training, and dialogue facilitation practice. He has served for over ten years on the supervisory committee of Interra Credit Union (credit unions being one of the oldest and most successful examples of co-operative business). “I see MCM’s role in the community as being the leader of all things local and, in the realm of business, valuing community as much as profit.  As the cooperative movement continues to grow, I hope this ultimately leads to more affordable pricing so that a broader cross-section of our community can participate in the cooperative movement. Additionally, with the emphasis that people from many non-native cultures have on community and collectivism I think MCM is poised to be one of the greatest assets of our diverse community.” 


Mark Seeley, 2018-2021

Over the last 20 years, Mark has served on Sustainable Food System Boards, been an International Field Director for a NGO (serving woman and children in Africa countries primarily) and farm raised and farmer for last 25 years (meat CSA, crops and allocator).  He currently consults and audits within the Organic industry.  He has extensive Agriculture experience from personal, hands-on farming to auditing of local farms to international food processors to agriculture education (Pre-K to Adult) instruction and administration.  


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