2019 Co-op Board Election

Congratulations and thank you to our 2019 board candidates and co-op members who participated in our annual board election. We had 142 confirmed ballots cast, affirming the entire slate of candidates.

Thanks also to the 150+ people who attended our Annual Meeting & Social! Check out this great photo album of our event.


Meet the Maple City Market 2019 Candidates

Rose Shetler

I have shopped at Maple City Market for many years, and I appreciate very much the value it brings to the Goshen area – from the fresh, organic and bulk food that is carried to the way it supports local growers. I also appreciate the member-controlled co-op model which creates community.

I value what I’ve read about the MCM Board of Director’s policy-driven governance function. It is articulated clearly and I think this clarity, as well as the model of governance, is vital to a healthy organization. I also enjoy the process of working with others to enhance the values-based philosophy and set vision.

Most of all, I want to see MCM succeed, remain fiscally viable and continue to serve the Goshen community. I hope that by serving on the board I can play a small part in the growth and success of Maple City Market.

Clayton Miller

I’m Clayton Miller and am excited to serve the community in a continued and expanded capacity as a MCM Board member candidate. Not only am I a member, but I am also an advocate as I believe that the community is just beginning to harness the benefit of a local, community owned market. I see a future where MCM can become even a stronger cornerstone of the downtown community, offering even more opportunities for people to walk, bike, or drive for daily access to wholesome local produce, meat, groceries and ready to eat lunch foods as well as possible community education.

Denise Diener

Hello, I am Denise Diener. I am interested in serving on the Maple City Market board because I value healthy eating and appreciate that the MCM offers local, organic, and sustainably grown food choices. Serving on the MCM board gives me an opportunity to sit with other leaders from our community who are interested in making sure that healthy food is available to members of the community. I am also interested in serving on the MCM board because I want to work at increasing membership. Engaging families from our local community through education will create more awareness and interest in our local food market. Serving on the MCM board will give me an opportunity to work alongside individuals that care about the health of our community.

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