This year MCM will have your choice of either fresh or frozen turkeys:

About Sunshine Acres Turkeys – Sold Frozen

Whole Turkeys $3.49/lb Sizes: Small 12-14lb, Medium 15-18b, Large 19+

  • Locally raised and processed
  • All natural, Raised on pasture
  • Fed GMO-free grain
  • Located in Middlebury, Indiana
  • Sunshine Acres Family Farm and Poultry Processor is operated by Paul Bontrager and family


About Bowman & Landes Turkeys – Sold Fresh

Whole Turkeys $2.99/lb Sizes: Small 10-14lb, Medium 15-18lb, Large 19-22lb, Extra Large 23-27lb

Breast Roast, Bone-in, $5.99/lb Sizes: Small 4-6lb, Medium 7-8lb, Large 9lb +

Boneless Roast (Dark & White Meat) $5.99/lb Sizes: Small 4-6lb, Medium 7-8lb, Large 9lb +

Smoked Breast, Bone-in, $6.99/lb Size: 6-8lb

Turkey Broth $3.99/26 oz can


  • 4th Generation Farm, raising turkeys since 1948
  • Located in New Carlisle, Ohio (187 miles)
  • Turkeys are free-range, raised in the open air and sunshine without antibiotics
  • Easy to carry box and “naturally self-basting and moist without additives”.


We will also have meat alternatives in our freezer for Thanksgiving (no pre-order necessary.)

Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options:

Tofurky – a vegetarian “turkey” made from a blend of wheat protein and organic tofu. Sold alone, as just the mock turkey, or with stuffing as part of a complete vegetarian Thanksgiving meal, the Tofurky “feast”, which includes the Tofurky roast, stuffing, gravy, and dessert. (26oz)

Harvest Celebration Field Roast – a pre-spiced, soy-free vegetarian roast, just right for two people (1lb)


We still have turkeys and roasts available! Place your order now!

There are four ways to pre-order your holiday turkey today:

  • Place an order in-store
  • Email your order, or send questions to
  • Order by phone, call 574-534-2355
  • Use our convenient online order form: (Your order will be confirmed.)