Board of Directors members are elected at the annual owner meeting, held between April and June of each year. Terms are staggered, so the number of seats up for election will vary from year to year. Board member terms begin on July 1 of the year the member is elected and run for three consecutive years. In the event that a board member resigns in the middle of their term, the board may appoint a new member.

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News from our Board of Directors

At the July board meeting, the Maple City Market Board of Directors accepted Deana Cook’s resignation from the board. Deana was elected to the Maple City Market Board in 2017, coming from a background of nursing and healthy food education. Deana’s resignation came as she has recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. In her year on the board, Deana brought her passion for food and health, and we sincerely miss her presence, while also wishing her the best in her new community.

With Deana’s resignation came the need to appoint someone to the two years remaining in her term. Board members and staff offered ideas and sought interest from co-op members, and a new board member was officially accepted by the board on Monday, October 1.

Marlys Weaver-Stoesz joins the Maple City Market Board with a wealth of experience and energy. Marlys is a long-time co-op member as well as a former co-op employee. She worked at Maple City Market from 2007 to 2010, while she was a student at Goshen College. Since Marlys’s graduation, she has worked as a writer, focusing on food, agriculture, and education. From 2014 until this July, Marlys and her husband lived in Arizona. Now that they have returned to Goshen, Marlys is excited to be reconnecting with the co-op and community in new ways.

The board wishes Deana Cook well, and welcomes Marlys!

Older news:

In February, we reported that two board members had resigned, creating two vacancies for the board to fill. In March the board moved to fill both of these vacancies by appointment until the terms expire in 2019. 

Darin Short will be filling one of the two vacancies. Darin is a Goshen based business consultant and founder of In[ter]Sights, an intercultural consulting, training, and dialogue facilitation practice. He has served for over ten years on the supervisory committee of Interra Credit Union (credit unions being one of the oldest and most successful examples of co-operative business). Darin also ran for election to the MCM Board in 2017, when he stated, “I see MCM’s role in the community as being the leader of all things local and, in the realm of business, valuing community as much as profit.  As the cooperative movement continues to grow, I hope this ultimately leads to more affordable pricing so that a broader cross-section of our community can participate in the cooperative movement. Additionally, with the emphasis that people from many non-native cultures have on community and collectivism I think MCM is poised to be one of the greatest assets of our diverse community.”

Brian Wiebe, current board chair, will be filling the other vacancy. The appointment is not effective until July 1st when his current term expires. Over the past eight years that Brian has served on MCM’s board, he has been a strong proponent and skilled practitioner of Policy Governance and a key player in developing the board’s capacity. Brian is Executive Director with Horizon Education Alliance and past and founding Executive director of Goshen College Music Center. Brian’s continued participation on the board will help provide continuity and guidance to the board’s process. 

Board Expanding to Eight Members: The board further resolved that, with three seats currently up for election, they will expand to an eight-member board starting in July. This is somewhat unorthodox, as typically boards will maintain an odd number of seats to allow for clear majority for purposes of voting and quorum. The board chose to expand to an eight-member board in 2018 as a transitional step to toward the goal of expanding to a nine-member board in 2019.

Maple City Market Ends Statements, Revised

Because of MCM, there will be a healthy community nourished and educated by:
1.       EQUITABLE economic practices
2.       REGENERATIVE environmental impacts
3.       INCLUSIVE, socially responsible relationships

Maple City Market’s owners are represented by an elected board of directors who operate under the guidance of “policy governance.”  This form of guidance is defined by its Ends statements.  Careful designation of that overarching purpose in terms of effects on the world, who receives the effects, and the value of the effects is Ends.

The board of directors for Maple City Market defines the purpose for which the co-op operates and dictates that the co-op be a profitable source for sustainable, locally grown, healthy food, and a supportive community partner open to everyone. Thus, the Ends concept imparts a real-world focus for organizational effort and optimum empowerment of management, while enabling the board’s withdrawal from daily “how to” questions which are best answered by the General Manager and the Market’s staff.

Our co-op’s current Ends statements evolved out of a previous set of Ends statements originally developed in 2010. The original Ends highlighted three areas of impact: Commerce, Planet, and People. In 2017, The Board of Directors reviewed and revised Co-op’s Ends Statements, taking input from co-op management, a group of member-owners, and utilizing a governance consultant from CDS Consulting Co-op. In the latest revision of the Ends, the Board simplified the statements but retained the spirit of the earlier version.

Ends statements are, in effect, policy that informs the co-op’s highest-level decision-making. Do our Co-op’s actions help achieve these Ends and if so, how? The general manager reports to the board annually on the co-op’s progress toward meeting its Ends. Our upcoming 2017 Annual Report will highlight this progress. Read on website

MCM2016Annual Report

Brian Wiebe, 2010-2018, Chair


Brian has worked as an educator for 25 years in early childhood, middle school, high school and higher education as teacher and administrator, serving for 10 years as Executive Director of the Goshen College Music Center. He played a significant role in Elkhart County’s strategic planning process beginning in 2010 that led to the creation of the Horizon Education Alliance (HEA) in 2012, and he became HEA’s first executive director in October 2012. He has a master’s degree in music from Northwestern University and a master’s in Intercultural Leadership from Goshen College.

Phyllis Miller, 2011-2020, Secretary

Phyllis 6 2013 2

Phyllis has lived in the Goshen area for most of her life. Born and raised on a farm in Middlebury she learned a true appreciation for the earth and all it provides. As well as the importance of granting nature the respect it deserves. She also learned the incredible power of a strong community. Phyllis is a Registered Nurse and has worked at Elkhart General for 30 years. She was elected to the MCM Board in 2011 and is truly honored to serve owner/members & the Market in this role.

Amanda Qualls, 2015-2018

Amanda Qualls Winter 2015Amanda Qualls is the Director of Human Resources for Ballotpedia, the encyclopedia of American politics, which offers nonpartisan information on congress, courts, policy issues and more. Amanda earned her Master of Library Science degree from Indiana University-Bloomington, and she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History with a minor in Russian and Eastern European studies from the University of Notre Dame. She was first elected to the board in 2015, and she is thankful for the opportunity to serve the Maple City Market and its owners.

Eric Amt, 2015-2019

Copyright by Lindahl PhotographyEric’s roots run deep at the MCM. His mother was an original owner-member, and his wife is a former member of the board. As a business owner, Eric has had extensive board experience. Among those, he was the original chair of the board and founding executive director of the Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart, Ind. Eric hopes to help the market continue to grow its healthy food and educational offerings. He sees the market as a key factor in a healthy community foodshed.


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