New Mask Policy

We wear masks to protect you, so please wear a mask to protect us. The co-op is starting to require shoppers to wear masks or other face coverings. We already require the same of our staff and our vendors in the store. To continue serving our community, we must keep ourselves healthy.  Public health officials […]

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update\ Dear Co-op Community,  Thank you for your continued support and appreciation of your Co-op during this difficult time. We are continuing to work daily to adjust to operating our store during a pandemic. The State of Indiana has issued its “Back on Track” roadmap to safely reopen our economy. At Maple City Market […]

2019 Co-op Board Election

We have three candidates running for three Board of Directors seats this year. Your vote is important as an affirmation of our democratic business structure.  You may vote in-store or vote online.  Be sure to join us at our Annual Meeting & Social on Tuesday, June 4th, at the co-op. Check out our  Event Page […]

March 2018 Board News

News from our Board of Directors At Maple City Market’s Board of Directors January board meeting, we accepted the resignations of two directors: José Chiquito and Rebecca Yoder Smucker. We want to thank Rebecca and José for their service to the Maple City Market, and share a bit about what’s next for them. Rebecca originally […]

What is Democratic Member Control in Co-ops?

from the ICA Guidance Notes to the Co-operative Principles. Democracy is a simple concept: the governance or control of an organization by its members through majority decision-making. In practice, the democratic governance of any human institution is a complex task. Sound democratic governance of co-operatives is no exception. The struggle for democratic rights on a […]

Maple City Market Ends Statements, Revised

Because of MCM, there will be a healthy community nourished and educated by: 1.       EQUITABLE economic practices   2.       REGENERATIVE environmental impacts  3.       INCLUSIVE, socially responsible relationships Maple City Market’s owners are represented by an elected board of directors who operate under the guidance of “policy governance.”  This form of guidance is defined by its Ends statements.  Careful designation of that overarching purpose […]

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